How to find a self build plot

By 22nd June 2017News

Finding a plot of land for your self build home can be a gruelling process as the prices of plots are ever changing. There are many important factors to consider before buying a plot.

Hands down, the most important factor while looking to buy a plot is the location of the plot. Most prospective buyers have an ideal image of the kind of plot they want and they don’t wish to settle for anything less than that. It’s important to be able to understand that nothing is perfect, that is why you need to be sure of what factors are absolutely  necessary and the factors that can be compromised upon.

The location and surrounding environment plays a huge part in your buying decision. Whether you are moving into a busy bustling city or into the beautiful countryside, there are pros and cons of both these localities.  This can only be determined once the buyer answers the following questions:

  • The purpose of buying the plot
  • What is the use of the land surrounding the plot
  • What is the budget plan for the building of this plot
  • What will the resale value be for your plot

You should also consider local schools, services and public transport.

If you want an ideal plot, you may have to increase your budget, if you are on a tight budget, it is always a good idea to embrace the negatives and turn them into positives. The perfect way is to omit all the features from your list that do not contribute significantly to your decision. Doing so will make plot buying more affordable and increase your options too.

Finding a plot of land to build your house on can also be made easier by using your connections. Ask around your family and friends about whether they have or know someone who owns a piece of land that they are willing to sell.

Lastly, finding a plot of land to build your house on can be a tedious task but it is important to remember that your only going to build your ideal home once and therefore it’s worth the effort to get it right.