Scottish Home Awards 2016

By 6th May 2016News

The team at THCL are delighted to announce we have been short listed for the prestigious Scottish Home Awards for our work at Lomond Muir Farm at Wester Balgeddie.

The team worked on the detached one and a half storey new build dwelling which is set within rural Kinross-shire.

The clients brief was to build an energy efficient home within their budget but also to allow scope for expansion in the future. It was also important for the design to be in keeping with the rural location, however they did not want to house to be too traditional.

As energy efficiency was a high priority for the client, we decided to use the Kingspan TEK SIPs system. The walls and roof of the property is constructed using structural insulated panels (SIPs) connected with a unique jointing system that minimises the amount of air that can pass through the joints.

To allow for expansion in the future, the house is designed and constructed as 1.5 storey shell. However, to keep within the clients’ budget, at the moment the house only has 3-bedroom ground floor accommodation measuring 170m2. In the future there is scope for creating a further 80m2 first floor accommodation, which due to the Kingspan TEK roofing system will allow the rooms to be fully vaulted, creating a unique living space.

For the exterior of the property, natural materials such as slate roofing and sandstone cladding were used alongside, wet-dash roughcast and maintenance free windows & weatherboarding.

Due to the Kingspan TEK, SIPs system, the dwelling is highly insulated with an excellent airtightness level and incorporates underfloor heating, a wood burning stove & a solar thermal roof installation to supplement the energy demand for hot water. Passive solar gain is maximised with large South facing windows.

All this combined with an MVHR system has allowed THCL to produce an A-Rated energy efficient house.

The building is naturally ventilated per the Client’s requirements yet achieves the lowest permissible air tightness value of 2.39 m3/h/m2 @ 50Pa- less than half the air leakage of typical property designed to be naturally ventilated.
Design CO2 emissions for house are 9kg/ m2/ year compared with a target emissions rate of 17kg/m2/ year under the current Building Standards- a 45% reduction on CO2 emissions compared with the minimum standards. (SAP 2012)

The building achieves the Gold Standard for CO2 emissions, Energy for heating water & Energy for thermal comfort under Section 7 of the Building Standards.

Primary energy usage is forecast as 63 kWh/m2/ year, equivalent to £448 per year, or £37/month for a 170m2, 3 bedroom property . (SAP 2009)

The TEK system helped provide an airtightness value of 2.39 m3/h/m2 @ 50Pa- less than half the air leakage of typical property designed to be naturally ventilated.


Lomond Muir Farm House - South Facing