The Kingspan TEK ® Building System is intrinsically highly energy efficient and can give low running costs and impressive comfort for the lifetime of a building. The System comfortably exceeds the energy efficiency requirements of current Building Regulations / Standards. The Kingspan TEK ® Building System yields worst case whole wall and roof U-values of 0.21 W/m2 .K with no additional insulation. Extremely low U-values, e.g. 0.10 W/m2 .K, can easily be achieved with the addition of an insulated lining on the inside of the Kingspan TEK ® Building System panels.

In addition to this, the proprietary jointing techniques used in the System can yield air leakage levels as good as 1 m3 /m2 /hr at 50 Pa.

A Kingspan TEK ® Building System wall, designed to achieve a U-value of 0.20 W/m2.K, can be 223 mm deep. To achieve the same U-value a timber frame wall may have to be 385.5 mm deep. This means that the Kingspan TEK ® Building System can give up to 10% or more floor space for the same external dimensions.

The Kingspan TEK ® Building System is BBA / NSAI Agrement (delete as appropriate) certified and has an expected life span of at least 60 years. It is recognised by building warranty providers such as NHBC and Zurich Municipal and has Lantac System approval. Kingspan Insulation Limited provides a 20 year defect warranty for Kingspan TEK ® Building System panels.

  • Can be used to create highly energy efficient buildings.
  • Can be used to create highly energy efficient buildings.
  • Manufactured with a blowing agent that has zero Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP) and low (Global WarmingPotential GWP).
  • Can achieve whole wall and roof U–values of 0.21 – 0.10 W/m2 .K or better.
  • Air leakage levels as good as approximately 1 m3 /m2 /hr at50 Pa.
  • Can provide additional floor space (up to 10% or more than traditional construction methods).
  • BBA / NSAI Agrement certified and holds LANTAC System approval.
  • 20 year panel defect warranty from Kingspan Insulation Limited.