Structural Insulated Panels, more commonly referred to as SIPs, have rapidly gained popularity over the past couple of years.  They are now widely acknowledged for their numerous advantages and have emerged as a mainstream product in the construction industry.

SIPs are innovative solutions that can be of your benefit in more ways than one. Using Kingpsan TEK, these panels can easily installed in roofs, walls and floors to make them more energy-efficient.

Listed below are some of the reasons behind growing demand for SIPs.

• Design Flexibility
SIPs provide optimum flexibility in terms of design. These can be modified and created to suit any architectural design and layout. This particular quality allows architects to enjoy unrestricted creative liberty and flexibility.

• Insulation
SIPs support high level of insulation and can make your interiors airtight, which ultimately leads to higher energy efficiency. This gives SIPs an edge over other alternatives such as timbre framing. Ultimately, opting for SIPs you can have noise free interiors and can a save a considerable amount on your energy bills.

• Quickness
Constructing a building structure using Kingspan TEK speeds up the entire process by as much as 60%. When working with SIPs, a lot can be prepared beforehand which eventually speeds up the on-site construction process. Also, SIPs are less complicated to work with when it comes to wiring. This too speeds up the construction procedure. As a result, on-site labour costs are considerably reduced, as labourers are required to work on-site for reduced time.

• Environmental Sustainability
Using SIPs contributes towards environmental sustainability. SIPs are environment friendly structures which are specifically appreciated for reducing carbon dioxide emissions from homes. Currently, 27% of carbon dioxide emissions in Britain is attributed to leakages from homes and can be significantly reduced by lowering down domestic energy consumption. Erecting SIPs installed structures is a step forward in this direction.

• Structural Strength
SIPs provide buildings with additional strength. It has been found that buildings that are constructed using SIPs are seven times more superior in strength than those built using timbre frame.

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